Cory lining up putt

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The 1 food, nutrition tip, supplement or eating theory I'm most pondering or experimenting with this week. Some might be out there (I like to try weird things), others not so much. These tactics can be put to use both on and off the course.

The 1 mindfulness practice, quote or mental tip that has helped me the most this week. These might be directly related to golf, but will more likely be life philosophies and routines like breathing exercises, implementing patience and letting go of stress.

The 1 exercise move, fitness class or trainer that has me the most excited this week. Some will be golf-centric, while others will be purely fitness based (which will probably help you play better anyway). 

Disclaimer: While I am excited to share my discoveries with you, I am not a doctor, therapist or personal trainer. My passion for helping others live healthier lives (and maybe shoot lower scores and have more fun along the way) is the reason for creating the Golf Well community. Please enjoy what I share, but always do what is best for you, and consult with a medical professional when you feel you must.