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One of my favorite things to do is learn a new skill.

Something I’ve spent a lot of time learning lately, whether it be through/for my job or business, is how to share a compelling story through various social media platforms.

What better way to add on to this skill than to learn from someone who has spent years mastering the craft of content marketing?

Have you ever thought of what it really takes to integrate a blog and social media strategy with your product or service?

I didn’t realize how much goes into it until I had the chance to sit down with today’s guest on The Break Through Academy Show, the super-intelligent Brian Honigman.

Brian has quite a long list of accolades, but some of his highlights include speaking at NYU, The Huffington Post and being featured for his knowledge on blog sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and the Wall Street Journal.

He prides his work on being able to show people how to execute “Smart Social Storytelling,” a skill many business seek nowadays.

Brian and I could have gone on for hours, and I took pages worth of notes, so I won’t be surprised when you tell me the same happened for you!

Get ready for Episode 1 of The Break Through Academy Show!


Brian Honigman BTA (4)

“Content marketing is a way to tell stories with your messaging.”

Some Questions I ask:

  • Why is content marketing important when it comes to your marketing strategy?
  • How can we filter out all the “noise” that comes with social media platforms?
  • What would you advise to a big brand vs. a small company or solo-preneur?
  • What do you suggest for efficiently repurposing content across various platforms?
  • Where should bloggers and content marketers spend the most time?
  • How can someone get featured on big blog outlets?

“Content marketing should always tie back to the purpose of the business.”

In this episode you will learn:

  • The power of prioritizing your time with your content
  • What social media and blog outlets you should focus on based on where you’re at in your business
  • Why it’s more important to be really influential in a few places, instead of “half-assing” it everywhere
  • The balance between creating quality content and distributing it
  • How to effectively distribute your content if you’re just starting out

“You want to get involved with other communities and let them know you’re there.”

  • What social media platforms you should be spending time on
  • The amount of content you need before launching a blog
  • The hard work it requires to scale up and contribute to bigger blogs
  • Resources to use to help you distribute your content
  • What processes you should and shouldn’t automate

“Spend some time in a few different platforms you want to work with and get to know them.”

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

Brian gave some awesome answers to the questions I asked. I’m really glad I was able to sit down with him and learn some new ways to focus my attention and where to spend my time with content. How do you use content to market yourself, your product or your service?