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I don’t count calories or measure out food, but intuitively, I’ve noticed something had been off the past week.

Long story short, I wasn’t eating enough protein or carbohydrates.

I felt tired, lacked motivation to get up and lift heavy in the mornings (which I usually lovedoing 3x a week).

I mentioned it to a friend and she asked me, “what are you eating?”

I gave her a rundown, and she noticed right away that my fat intake was too high and the rest was too low.

Sometimes, it’s easy to gradually get carried away with an experiment.

I’m grateful that:
  1. I opened up to my friend about my mood
  2. She kept her answer simple and didn’t overdo anything with numbers
  3. I was willing to let down my ego and listen to her

Since intuitively* upping my carb and protein intake, my energy is back and I feel good about lifting heavy again.

*I didn’t create a plan or get detailed about it.

I simply added more complex carbohydrates (black beans, wild rice, sweet potatoes, etc.) and proteins (more fish, chicken, beef).

If you’re feeling lethargic, check in with what you’re eating, and how much of it. See if making a tweak helps.


A little off. A little uncomfortable.

Usually, this would stress me out.

But I tried to tune into what I was feeling, looking into the source of the discomfort.

I’ve discovered that I’m entering a period of uncertainty.

There’s no positive or negative label attached to it: it simply is.

Being aware of it is helping me take action in certain ways by leaning into the discomfort, pushing myself to new places (both physically and emotionally), while letting things out of my control simply play out.

We face several uncomfortable situations whenever we play golf, too. (I do, at least. I average like 2 fairways a round!)

There’s something to be said about being OK with a bad lie, a bad break or a bad bounce.

I should remind myself of that next time I play.



As a warmup – medium to high resistance (7 or 8 out of 10), for 5:00 or 1200m

As a quick “I hit snooze and I’m running late/all over the place” workout – highest resistance for 10 minutes. Do 30 seconds as hard as you can, then rest (continue rowing lightly) for 30 seconds.

Simple. Effective. Works everything. THAT’S IT!

“There is nothing permanent except change.” – Heraclitus
Embrace new adventures, friends.
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