I used to think posting on social media was enough to market my business. But I was missing a very, very key ingredient:

I wasn’t building my email list

That’s right, MY EMAIL LIST!

I can NOT express the glass case of emotion that I’m in about this one (cue Anchorman scene).

I know, Millennials across the globe are probably thinking: “But Cory, that’s boring. It’s so…old. It’s the new snail mail.”

Busted. . .

Me, check email? Busted. . .

Go ahead, laugh all you want. But get real with me for a second. How many times do you check your email inbox on a daily basis? I turned off the notifications a long time ago, but I can’t help but press my thumb on that glorious blue square with a white envelope on it on my iPhone, gee, I dunno, 14 times a day (?).

Before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, there was email. And it’s not going anywhere.

You can’t kill email! It’s the cockroach of the Internet, and I mean that as a compliment. This resilience is a good thing.” – The Atlantic

To me, email has taken on the form of a separate, more personal newsfeed. I open it, scroll through until I look for people I really trust: friends, family and mentors.

So why does building your email list matter?

  • It’s more personalized. If someone takes the time to subscribe to your content, they want to hear from you. They want a more intimate virtual relationship.
  • A good email makes someone feel valued. Gone are the days of spam. I choose who and what sends me information I desire – valuable stuff that makes me smarter, happier and more valuable.
  • An amazing email campaign makes one feel like part of a community. In the first five years I did business online, I had no email list. No wonder I struggled so much. Since starting to grow my community through emails, I have found the people I want to work with. I’ve also gained a higher level of trust with my tribe.

Plain and simple, I value your email address like you’re my friend. I’m only gonna share something if I know it will make you feel smarter, happier or more valuable.

I care about what I send, and if you have a business, so should you.