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Located in Chelsea Market in Manhattan, I’d been wanting to try this place out ever since I saw the sleek, simple labeling all over Instagram and several juice bars connected to fitness classes around NYC.
From bowls to soups, broths to salads, juices to vegan burgers, it ALL looked delicious.
Alas, after a tough Barry’s Bootcamp class last Wednesday, I trekked over to Chelsea Market and tried the Chilled Shrimp Gazpacho and Salmon Salad (each $12.00).
The gazpacho was amazing, and the salad was very good, but I thought it needed avocado. ?
I’m a sucker for a solid açai bowl, and they have some all-day breakfast options that look REALLY good.
I have no doubt I’ll be back.
In the meantime, I’ll be salivating over their picture-perfect food porn on their website and Instagram page. ?
I just finished a 10-day meditation series focused on patience. I’ve been noticing impatience creep into my thoughts and cause stress in a few ways:
  • Getting quick and rushing my swing on the golf course
  • Trying to hit all my performance metrics as fast as possible at work
  • Feeling like I should be making more progress in less time in the gym, with relationships and with other projects
The meditation I used was from the Headspace app (you can try 10 days for free here).
Pro tip: Use noise-canceling headphones or do it somewhere very quiet if you’re easily distracted.
What I learned: Processes matter. We must embrace where we are in the moment and not rush to the finish line. If all we seek is the end result, we’ll always be chasing the “next best thing.”
As cliché as it sounds, enjoy the journey. We only get one.
Oh yeah, and breathe deeply from time to time. ?
Cupping Therapy
I stopped by The Golf Room (@the_golf_room) when I visited family in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.
Once for a lesson, and another time for some much-needed body treatment.
My back was TIGHT.
Lindsay Becker (@lcbecker) specializes in physical therapy, dry needling and golf performance.
She had done dry needling on me before, which is basically a super tiny, super thin needle breaking up tense muscle fascia (hardly feels like a prick).
Here’s the process we went through this week:
  1. Range of motion assessment (right shoulder had a horribly short ROM)
  2. Dry needling
  3. Hawkgrips massage (
  4. Cupping by moving one cup around my whole back while suctioned
  5. Cupping with several cups in different spots
  6. Movement exercises with cups on (very hard)
Most of my upper back, neck and trap stiffness comes from long hours at a laptop.
Lindsay gave me several exercises I can do both at the gym and the office to counteract the posture issues and tightness.
Many of the moves we did involved a Thera-Band (I used the green one).
We worked on using my lower traps (not upper) to pull my shoulder blades down and back while keeping my upper traps relaxed.
One move I’d recommend for anyone is Bird-Dog with the bands around your hands and feet (cross the band so it makes an X, and the left foot/right hand and right foot/left hand are connected).
Check out the video I posted on Instagram to see some of the work we did with the cups on and after we removed them.
Did an octopus smack my back? Basically. ?
After all the work we did, my range of motion increased by almost 30 degrees in my right shoulder!
Should you try cupping? I’d recommend consulting with a therapist who works with athletes, knows what he/she is doing, and is someone you can trust (if you’re in Columbus, Ohio, definitely connect with Lindsay).
BONUS QUOTE FOR THOUGHT: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu
Never settle, friends.
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